Catalogue contains only examples of products. It is only a fraction of produced models and it serves to show the potential and variety of forms and styles our firm is able to produce.
In each groups, products are presented usually in four fashion lines. This division is made to help the client to choose the product for the target group or use. Those lines are: EVERGREEN, STREET, CLUB, FIT.

EVERGREEN is standard product with classical forms slightly adapted to the present fashion. It is created for the conservative group of clients. It can be used when the extravagance is not necessary desired. The basic associations are: maturity, stabilization and status.
STREET is connected with hip-hop subculture refers to the skate/hip-hop generation. It emphasizes “being cool”, independence and individuality.
CLUB is “after hours” city fashion which is perfect for the entertainment-oriented people wich clubbing, going out to discos and pubs.

FIT is based on sport clothing prepared for active people who spend their free time  practising sports.  It is connected with staying health, able-bodied and keeping fit.